Project Report

The Planning Board Paper Street Project Report, which has been submitted to the Board of Selectmen for review, consists of several sections as listed below. You may download/view the entire report or individual sections by clicking on the the links below.

NOTE: On September 14, 2017 the Selectmen voted to extend the deadline for the automatic vacation of Long Island paper for an additional 20 years as allowed by 23 M.R.S.A Section 2032. This is the final extension allowed by law and means that on September 14, 2037 all existing Long Island paper streets will be automatically vacated.

Click HERE to view the September 14, 2017 request to extend automatic vacation.  IMPORTANT NOTE: Some of the streets listed  in the document attached to this request  (Registry of Deed document Bk. 13347 Pg. 77) are NOT IN FACT paper streets and are not subject to automatic vacation. Please refer to the Planning Board Paper Street Project for an accurate listing of Long Island paper streets. 

Title Page and Table of Contents

Section 1. Introduction
Section 2. State Law Related to Paper Streets
Section 3. 1997 Notice to Extend Deadline of Automatic Vacation of Paper Streets with Annotations
Section 4. Options for Preventing the Automatic Vacation of Paper Street
Section 5. Sample Documents
Section 6. Long Island Subdivisions
   Section 6.1 Land of Ernest R Freeman
   Section 6.2 Emma M Horr Subdivision
   Section 6.3 Ocean Height Land Company
   Section 6.4 Thomas J McDonnell Land Plan
   Section 6.5 Ocean View Land Company
   Section 6.6 Plan of Land of Ronald Peterson
   Section 6.7 Fern Park
   Section 6.8 Louisa Floyd Subdivision
   Section 6.9 Goodwin and Ridlon Land Plan
   Section 6.9 Goodwin and Ridlon Land Plan Rev-1
   Section 6.10 Cutter-Bowen Land Plan
   Section6.11 M E Littlejohn Land Plan
   Section 6.12 Jerry Point of Long Island
   Section 7. Vacation and Other Documents Rev-1

Complete Report Rev 2 – 13MB 
Note: Section 6.9 of the report has been revised and page numbers have been added to Section 7.

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