Planning Board

Town of Long Island Planning Board

The Town of Long Island Planning Board consists of seven members appointed by the Town of Long Island Select Board.

Current Planning Board Members

Steve Hart – Chair             Term Expires Jun 2023
Curt Murley – Secretary     Term Expires Jun 2023
Doug McCown                   Term Expires Jun 2022
Michael Lingley                  Term Expires Jun 2023
Paul Thornton                    Term Expires Jun 2021
Peter Thornton                   Term Expires Jun 2022
Justin Papkee                    Term Expires Jun 2024

Planning Board Duties

The Planning Board performs such duties and exercises such powers as are provided in the municipal ordinances and the laws of the State of Maine.

More specifically the powers and duties of the Board are:

  • to review proposed changes to the Town’s Land Use Ordinance brought to it by the Select Board, members of the public or State agencies,
  • to review and make decisions on all conditional use, site plan review and subdivision applications brought before it,
  • to review the Town’s Land Use Ordinance for consistency and clarity and propose changes to it,
  • to create a comprehensive planning committee to review and update the town’s comprehensive plan when necessary.
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