2021 Mooring Permit Application
Per direction of the Board of Selectmen, the Mooring Permit Application has been reverted to the original manual process.
The updated Mooring Permit Application is available via the link below.
Renewal applications will be required on a yearly basis and mooring stickers are no longer used/required. Mooring permits expire at the end of the calendar year.
Applicants may bring in permit application with fee during regular business hours or mail it in  – if you’d like a receipt, please enclose a self addressed stamped envelope.
Fees:  $30/year Resident or Tax Payer – $60/year Non-resident/Non-tax payer/Commercial-Rental
Should you have any questions as to what fee pertains to you, please call Town Hall during regular business hours (766-5820).


Download the permit application, fill it out and return to town hall with your remittance:
2021 Mooring Permit Application  (fillable PDF form)

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