2021-04-10 Public Hearing Information Packet


The following notice of the public hearing was published in The Portland Press Herald Saturday March 27, 2021.
Public Hearing Notice

Cluster Development is a zoning method which allows for housing units within a subdivision or a portion of a subdivision to be  clustered or concentrated more densely onto one or more portions of a proposed subdivision than would otherwise be permitted under minimum lot size requirement.

The purpose of the amendment is to allow for flexibility in the layout of homes that allows for the construction of homes on smaller lots in order to provide expanded housing opportunities in the Town of Long Island while promoting the conservation of common open  space within the subdivision for use by subdivision residents and
the general public.

Here is the text of the proposed land use ordinance amendments.
Proposed Cluster Housing Amendments to Land Use Ordinance

The public can participate in the public hearing on the Internet using the following link:
The meeting ID is 263 542 9059 and the passcode is 880273.

The public can also participate in the public hearing on a mobile phone using the following number:
301-715-8592. The meeting ID is 263 542 9059 and the passcode is 880273.

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