GIS mapping

This page provides links to Long Island's GIS mapping data.  These are computer files of  the town's tax maps that you can download and view on your own computer.  The data are in Google Earth (.kmz) format.  You will need to have Google Earth installed on your computer to view them.  Click here to download the program.  The town assumes no liability for the effect of this software or these files on your computer, nor can it provide technical assistance therewith.

The data provided here are for planning purposes only.  Although considerable time and grant-money has gone into making them as accurate as possible, some inaccuracies undoubtedly remain.  They were created from the paper maps tax maps that the town inherited from the City of Portland after its secession.  Those paper maps were imperfect to begin with and degraded further over time.  The town believes that these data are accurate enough for planning and taxation; however, like any tax map, they represent only an estimate of the location of lot boundaries and the size and shape of lots.  Only a professional survey can determine the exact boundaries and size of your property.

That said, if you believe that the maps provided here contain errors that would render town planning and taxation work inaccurate, the town may, after consideration, adjust the data to reflect what it comes to believe is an accurate depiction of the lot characteristics.  If you wish to submit changes, please do so with a paper sketch and a written explanation of the errors you found, using a printed segment from the map itself if possible. 

Google Earth Maps
Note: You need to have Google Earth installed on your computer to view these maps.

Complete tax map labeled by lot number
Long Island Two-foot Contour Map
Long Island Shoreland Zone Boundaries

FEMA LI Proposed Flood Zones with Elevation Contours < NEW 12-28-2013

PDF Copies of Printed Maps
Note:  You  must have a PDF viewer, such as Adobe Reader, installed on your compter to view these files. These are large files and may take a while to download.

Preliminary FEMA Long Island Floodplain Maps < NEW 11-8-2013
West End of Cow Island
Down Front
East End & Little Chebeague
West End
South Beach & Vail Island area

Zoning and Tax Maps
Zoning map
Tax map coversheet
Sheet 1:  West End
Sheet 2:  Jerry Point
Sheet 3:  Bayside
Sheet 4:  South Shore
Sheet 5:  Beach Cove
Sheet 6:  Old Cove
Sheet 7:  East End
Sheet 8:  Outer Islands