Wary Spar Project

Wary Spar Project Documentation Package

Site Plan Review and Subdivision Documentation


Final approval of the Wary Spar Project was granted at a Planning Board meeting held November 9, 2010.  At this meeting Mr. Wary submitted a final subdivision plat, site plan drawing and documentation indicating that he had satisfied all the condition imposed on the initial conditional approval.

The following items constitute the complete Planning Board documentation record of  the Site Plan Review and Subdivision approval process for Mr. John Wary’s conversion of the Spar Restaurant into a four unit multi-family dwelling.  These documents are in PDF format.  You will need a PDF viewer, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, to view them. 

Hard copies of these documents are available for inspection at the town office during regular office hours.

 1.   Project Overview (revised 6/25/08)
4.   Appendix B – Spar Site Plan Drawing (revised 12/18/07)
Note: The reference to the Maine Condominium Act cited on this drawing is  incorrect.  It should be MSRA Title 33: Chapter 31: Article 2: Section 1602-109.  The text of this  section of state law can be viewed here .
8.  Appendix F
11. Minutes of Planning Board meetings at which this project has been discussed.

       08/26/08            Minutes


       08/12/08            Minutes


       07/08/08            Minutes  Attachment #1   Attachment #2


       06/09/08            Minutes
       05/13/08            Minutes  Attachment
       04/08/08            Minutes
       04/02/08            Minutes  Attachment #1  Attachment #2
       03/11/08            Minutes  Attachment #1  Attachment #2
       02/19/08            Minutes  Attachment #1  Attachment #2  Attachment #3
       02/12/08            Minutes
       01/29/08            Minutes  Attachment #1  Attachment #2   Attachment #3  
       01/16/08            Minutes  Attachment
       01/08/08           Minutes   
       12/11/07            Minutes
       11/13/07           Minutes   Attachment #1  Attachment #2  Attachment #3   Attachment #4
       08/14/07           Minutes   Attachment
       01/10/06           Minutes
       12/13/05           Minutes
Additional Information The material below was submitted by Mr. Wary in response to a request for more information by the board; that request may be viewed  here .
12.   May 12, 2008
13.   June 3, 2008
14.   July 8, 2008

15.  Spar Project Public Hearing held July 29, 2008


16. Minutes of Special Meeting at which Decision on Spar Project Applications was Deliberated
      September 3, 2008
18. Final Site Plan and Subdivision Plat (Note: These drawings have not yet been scanned and converted to electronic form.  They will be posted as soon as this has been done.  They are available for inspection in paper form at Town Hall.) 
19. Miscellaneous Correspondence Related to the Spar Project



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