Shoreland Zone Alternate Revegetative Proposal

This issue has come up at a couple of our recent meetings. The items below are attachments to meeting minutes and provide information regarding this proposal.

2020-03-09 LIPB Meeting Minutes Attachment A – TH amended proposal to Shoreline Zoning ordinance 3.1.20

2020-07-13 LIPB Meeting Minutes Attachment C – Alternative Shoreland Zone Revegetative Proposal

Here is the report of the April 2019 visit by Chris Baldwin, a CCSWCD (Cumberland County Soil & Water Conservation District) engineer, related to the Front Beach coastal bluff.
2019-05-06 Honey Report

Maine Geological Survey map that classifies Long Island’s coastal bluffs.

The following has links to information about coastal bluffs.
Cumberland County Soil and Water Conservations District – Coastal Bluffs

A small Maine island town