Floodplain Ordinance Update

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Updating our local Floodplain Standards ordinance is much the same as updating our Shoreland Zone Standards ordinance.  In the case of Floodplain Standards, FEMA,  rather than the DEP,  specifies the contents of the ordinance and you either take it leave it.  If we leave it then FEMA will not offer flood insurance in Long Island.

The recommended way to update our Floodplain Standards is to repeal the current version and replace it with the updated version exactly as we get it from the state.

Current Chapter 14 – Land Use Ordinance Section 12 Floodplain Standards – This is our Floodplain Standards ordinance

Proposed Updated Chapter 14 Land Use Ordinance Section 12 Floodplain Standards – This is what we will propose. We will have to prepare a document that shows the differences between our current ordinance and this document.

2015 through 2019 Updates to the State Model Floodplain Management Ordinance – This document notes the changes FEMA has made since 2015 to their model ordinance.




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