2022 Proposed Land Use Ordinance Changes

Zoning Changes
The proposal would change the zoning of a 4.15-acre parcel within the Conservation Area identified as the excluded property from R-OS Recreation and Open Space to I-B Island Business Zone.  It will also correct ordinance language that refers to a nonexistent shoreland zone map.

Text of Zoning Changes

Delete the $1000 fee for proposing a zoning change
The proposed amendment would strike all of the text in Article 9 which requires a $1000 application fee for requesting zoning changes.  This fee is specified in Article 8.  Article 9 is redundant and will be marked as ‘Reserved’.

Text of Article 9 Changes

Proposed Changes to Cluster Development Ordinance
The proposal would make several changes to the cluster development authority passed at last year’s Town Meeting. 

Text of Proposed Changes to Cluster Development Ordinance

Driveway Standards
The proposal revises the design and construction standards for driveways required for building permits. 

Text of Proposed Changes to Driveways Standards

Street and Frontage Definitions
The proposal would expand the definition of street to include both public and ways.

Text of Proposed Changes to Definitions of Street and Frontage

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