2021 Proposed Ordinance Changes

At 5:30PM on February 15, 2021 the Planning Board held a remote (Zoom)  public hearing on the changes to our Land Use Ordinance that we will be propose for consideration at our May 2021 town meeting.

Items 1, 2 and 4 were approved as presented. There were some minor changes made to item #4. These four items have been sent to town council for review.

  1. Proposed Changes to Article 2 Definitions
  2. Proposed Changes to Article 3.2 Island Residential Zone -1, Article 3.3 Island Residential Zone – 2 and Article 16 Driveway Standards 16
  3. 2021-02-15 Town of Long Island Land Use Ordinance Article 4 with Proposed Changes to Comply with 2015 DEP Guidelines – For Town Council Review
  4. Proposed Changes to Article 12 Floodplain Standards
      1. Reasons for Proposing Changes to Article 12 Floodplain Standards
      2. Current Article 12 Floodplain Standards
      3. Proposed Article 12 Floodplain Standards

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