Long Island Community Land Operating Company

The Long Island Community Land Operating Company, LLC (popularly known as “LICLOC”) is a limited liability company organized under Maine law in 2005 and adopting its Operating Agreement in December, 2006.  Its permitted activities and purposes are to own and manage real estate and fixtures located in the Town of Long Island for the benefit of its Member(s) and the Citizens of the Town of Long Island.  Its “sole Member” is the Town of Long Island.  It is required to operate exclusively for tax exempt purposes under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The LLC is managed by an independent five member Board of Managers.  The Board of Selectmen has the right to appoint two of the Managers.  The other three are elected by the Citizens of the Town (registered voters).  The current Board of Managers and the offices they hold are as follows:

Leah M. Doughty, President (appointed)
Lisa A. Kimball, Treasurer (appointed)
Joel P. Greene, Secretary (elected)
Michael P. Johnson (elected)
John P. Lortie (elected)

The Board of Managers serve without compensation and meet on a schedule as necessary to conduct their business, usually every couple months (or more often if issues require immediate attention).  Their meetings are posted in the Town at least seven days in advance.  The meetings are open to the public. 

Currently, LICLOC owns 116.05 acres of land formerly owned by Northland Residential, LLC.  The property was deeded to LICLOC in December, 2006.  The land is the portion of the former US Navy fuel annex (popularly known as “the Area”) remaining after its subdivision by Northland and the transfer of residential and commercial lots.

The property includes that portion of the former Naval Fuel Tank Farm with underground fuel tanks, which have been cleaned and closed and will remain in place, in accordance with Maine DEP standards, with open meadows and fields immediately above and surrounding those underground tanks.  The remainder of the property remains in a substantially undisturbed natural wooded state, aside from the existing dirt and gravel trails and old roads or streets running through and across the property.

Except for a 4.15 acre lot (the “Excluded Property”), the land is subject to restrictions on its use and activities thereon as described in a Deed of Conservation Easement dated December 27, 1995, in favor of the Long Island Civic Association (as the “Holder”) and the State of Maine by and through its Department of Environmental Protection (as the “Third Party”).  This conservation easement was recorded in the Cumberland County Registry of Deeds on February 26, 1996, in Book 12366, Page 193.  We refer to both this document and its contents as the “Conservation Restrictions.”

The purpose of the Conservation Restrictions are to assure that the protected portion of the property will be retained forever in its natural undeveloped condition and to prevent any use of the protected property that will significantly impair or interfere with the conservation and recreational values thereof.  In general, those uses consist of recreational, fire protection, and conservation purposes only.

As the owner, LICLOC is responsible for all decisions regarding use of this community land, subject to the Conservation Restrictions.  The Civic Association, as the easement holder, has the right to inspect the land to make sure that the Conservation Restrictions are being met and to enforce them as appropriate.  Therefore, any requests for permission to conduct activities in the community land other than those such as skiing, walking or bicycling should be addressed to LICLOC as the owner.

This website is not currently interactive, but communications for LICLOC can be addressed by mail to Leah M. Doughty, President: LICLOC, P.O. Box 309, Long Island, ME 04050 or by email to Joel P. Greene, Secretary:  jpg@lgme.com.

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