Transfer Station




Please keep in mind that all Island solid waste has to be hauled to the mainland, a labor intensive and costly process.  We encourage day-trippers to take their trash home with them.

Household trash and broken down cardboard are picked up Monday mornings, unless it is a holiday.  If so trash pickup will be on the following Tuesday.  Household trash must be in plastic bags, that are not too heavy  and placed in covered and secured containers.  Any trash strewn about, or not in closed bags, will not be picked up.  Place containers curbside by 8AM.

In public areas, the blue containers are for bottles and cans, and the trash containers are not for household trash.

There is a fee to dispose of large waste items at the Transfer Station.  Payment at time of disposal will be required using a punch pass system.  Punch cards can be purchased from the Transfer Station attendant or at Town Hall during regular business hours in increments of $10, $20, $50 or $100.  Hauling items is the responsibility of each resident.

The Transfer station is located on Fowler Road across from the Ivy Hall Gift Shop. 

CURRENT TRANSFER STATION HOURS  – click on Town Schedules and Hours icon  at the top of the panel on the left side of this page.

NOTICE: The Transfer Station is closed on the holidays.  Weather or other emergency conditions (Fire/Rescue Calls) may delay the opening of the Transfer Station. During winter storms the Transfer Station may be closed due to storm conditions WCSH channel 6 will have cancellations posted on “Storm Center 6”.

Please contact the Selectmen (tel: 766-5820  or e-mail: should you have any questions.


While there is no charge for household trash we do charge for solid waste.  Town issued punch cards, available at town hall, are required for payment of solid waste disposal fees.





The following items are considered recyclable and may be disposed of free of charge. If you have a questions regarding whether or not an item is recyclable ask the attendnt.


NOTE: Do not place plastic film or plastic bags in the zero sort container.

PAPER: mail,catalogs,paperback books, paper bags, newspaper,phone books, office paper,file folders,junk mail,magazines,envelopes and hard cover books with no covers

ALUMINUM: beverage containers(non deposit),CLEAN foil,pie plates,cooking trays etc.

METAL/TIN: aerosol cans (not paint or Haz waste), CLEAN food cans,

GLASS: beverage containers(non deposit),CLEAN food jars,any color

PLASTICS: numbers 1-7, milk jugs,shampoo bottles,bleach,sour cream,cottage cheese, clean food containers, llimited hard plastics approved by the attendant.


All types of cardboard, paper (flat) board boxes, egg cartons, paper towel and toilet paper rolls.


All soda,beer,wine,water,alcohol and juice containers may be recycled and their redemption value is donated to the Fire and Rescue department.  

Please sort material in to appropriately label containers to the left side of the zero sort container.

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