Community Center Revitalization Project Committee

The Long Island Recreation Department has been working for several years to bring our Community Center up to code and make it a more welcoming facility for all Long Island residents.  It is our hope to renovate our 60-year old building with improvements to meet State safety codes while using an environmentally green and energy efficient design.  By renovating our facility we’ll be able to keep our building open all year and provide access to the recreational programs and educational opportunities offered by our organization as well as year-round access to the exhibits of the Historical Society.  Our Community Center also serves as a function hall for privtae and community events, our annual Town meeting, the Long Island School’s biennial auction, monthly town committee meetings, and space for island artists studio rental!  It is so important to renovate the resource we have in our Community Center!

The Committee:
Jim Wilber – Chairman
Dick Murphy – Co Chair
Katharine Stewart – Secretary
Dan Cushing – Architect
John Norton
Ann Caliandro
Sam Whitener
Joe Oldfield

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