Health Officer

Emily Jacobs is our Health Officer. She can be reached by telephone at 207-766-0092 or by e-mail at

by Emily Jacobs

Maine’s statutes established a health agency, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and a system of municipal Local Health Officers. The DHHS has primary responsibility for the general health and wellbeing of the people of the State and for enforcement of health laws. The general responsibility includes supervision of Local Health Officers (LHO), whose duties include enforcement of all relevant laws, the rules of the DHHS, and local health ordinances. The DHHS is expected to provide LHO’s with information and with education resources pertaining to the regulation of health issues. I have been certified since I completed the Local Health Officer Training delivered by the DHHS, Maine CDC and the Office of Local Public Health, as required by Title 22, Chapter 153, §451(2).

Briefly, my duties will include:

a. An Annual Report to the DHHS;
b. Reporting disease to the DHHS (and CDC), prevention and suppression of diseases and all conditions injurious to health, prompt reporting of notifiable diseases and occupational diseases;
c. Complaints: the LHO receives and examines all complaints concerning nuisances dangerous to life and health with jurisdiction limits; i.e. landlord tenant issues such as mold, nuisances, sanitary examinations, dangerous buildings, unsafe drinking water; report suspected child or adult abuse or neglect, noxious or offensive smells, abandoned wells, abandoned motor vehicles, and faulty septic systems;
d. Disease Control: the LHO is authorized to develop a system of inspection control over persons and things liable to cause the spreading of contagious (communicable) disease, matters of environmental concern, including occupational health. A “public health threat” means any condition or behavior that can reasonably to be expected to place others at significant risk of exposure to infection with a communicable disease. I will participate in the vaccine clinics on the Island;
e. The LHO is responsible to ensure that all State laws, rules of DHHS and local health ordinances be strictly enforced;
f. Report occupational disease;
g. Work with physicians, school officials, public health nurses, local EMS service and food establishment, etc. When an outbreak is noted, the LHO and DHHS work together for the investigation and institution of control measures;
h. Report to the DHHS rabid animals or animals that are suspect of having rabies, and report dead wild animals; also
i. Keep a record of residents of Long Island that have been diagnosed or are being treated for Lyme disease. Please contact me if this diagnosis affects you.
j. Optional: Health and wellbeing educational programs in schools and in the community.

This is a general overview of my duties.  I will keep this page updated as I receive materials from DHHS, the CDC or the Local Health Officer offices. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. My telephone number is 207-766-0092 and my e-mail address is

Emily C Jacobs, Town of Long Island Local Health Officer

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