Broadband Exploratory Committee

BBEC (BroadBand Exploratory Committee)

The Town of Long Island Broadband Exploratory Committee was set up by the a vote of the Board of Selectmen on December 3rd 2015.  The purpose of this committee is:  

To explore the options for and feasibility of creating a broadband high speed internet access system for Long Island”.

March 2018 Long Island Broadband Exploratory Committee Report

2016-10-24 Long Island Broadband Exploratory Committee Report

Report Appendix A Why Broadband?

Report Appendix B Work-From-Home Factsheet

Report Appendix C Broadband Articles

1. Rural America Joins the Web
2. The Challenges of Closing the Digital Divide
3. Digital Age is Slow to Arrive in Rural America

Report Appendix D Tilson Study – Long Island Section

Report Appendix E Additional Data Regarding Currently Available Internet Options

Report Appendix F How Much Speed Do I Need?

Committee Members

Mark Greene
Ralph Sweet
Pierre Avignon
Doug Grant
Curt Murley

Contact BBEC

This Committee can be contacted by telephone by calling one of the members, by e-mail at and by regular mail at BBEC PO Box 263 Long Island, ME 04050 .


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