Broadband Exploratory Committee

BBEC (BroadBand Exploratory Committee)

The Town of Long Island Broadband Exploratory Committee was set up by the a vote of the Board of Selectmen on December 3rd 2015.  The purpose of this committee is:  

To explore the options for and feasibility of creating a broadband high speed internet access system for Long Island”.

2016-10-24 Long Island Broadband Exploratory Committee Report

Report Appendix A Why Broadband?

Report Appendix B Work-From-Home Factsheet

Report Appendix C Broadband Articles

1. Rural America Joins the Web
2. The Challenges of Closing the Digital Divide
3. Digital Age is Slow to Arrive in Rural America

Report Appendix D Tilson Study – Long Island Section

Report Appendix E Additional Data Regarding Currently Available Internet Options

Report Appendix F How Much Speed Do I Need?

2016-12-06 Public Meeting Notes


Committee Members

Mark Greene
Ralph Sweet
Pierre Avignon
Doug Grant
Curt Murley

Contact BBEC

This Committee can be contacted by telephone by calling one of the members, by e-mail at and by regular mail at BBEC PO Box 263 Long Island, ME 04050 .


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