Long Island Renewable Energy Feasibility Study



It was a pleasure working with the Island Institute and the College of the Atlantic on the Collaborative for Island Energy Research and Action (CIERA) Project. My goal for the project was to identify technically and economically viable renewable energy projects suitable for Long Island and to initiate a community dialogue on benefits to the Town. A team from the College of the Atlantic consisting of students and academic advisors prepared the attached report. This report provides a valuable assessment of current energy use on the island, identifies the most viable renewable energy resources and evaluates project economics and next steps.

Report findings

Key findings in the Long Island Feasibility Study include the following:

  • Island energy use trends with a focus on costs incurred by Town facilities. Street lighting, the school and fire department combined for 72% of the Town’s energy costs.
  • Solar energy potential appears to be more viable than wind or other renewable energy sources of generation.
  • Ground mount solar panels are the most cost effective solution however solar canopies over parking facilities could be viable and offer other benefits.

Next steps

The dissemination of this CIERA report to the community is a vital step in an incremental process of determining the potential and benefit of implementing renewable energy projects on the island. I look forward to your input and feedback on the report and suggestions. Feedback from the community will determine the most appropriate method to proceed; ranging from public meetings to additional technical resources or further investigations into project viability and alternatives.


I appreciate the island’s positive sentiments and support towards the CIERA Project. The COA students who visited the island several times last fall enjoyed their experience which was made more valuable as a result of the willingness of the community to embrace them.

Please feel free to contact me at njohnson@orpc.co if you have any questions related to this report or renewable energy development on Long Island.

Best regards,
Nathan Johnson

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