Maps & Assessing

Mark Greene is our Maps & Assessing officer.  Mark is assisted by our assessor’s agent, Bob Konczol, and by Curt Murley for GIS matters.

Assessing Data

Information about Long Island property taxes is available HERE.

2018-09-13 Tax Database by Lot Number

2018-09-13 Tax Database by Owner Name

These are the current tax database files.  The revision date is listed in the header. If you view these files with your PDF viewer at 75% magnification  you can easily read them.  The lot # for each row is reproduced at three places in the file so you can keep track of the row you are interested in.

GIS Maps

We provide our GIS maps in the form of Google Earth, Google Maps and PDF files.

Google Earth Maps

To view the Google Earth maps you must have the Google Earth program installed on your computer. Google Earth is free and can be downloaded from this link: Google Earth Download .  Google Earth is available from many sites on the internet.  NOTE: Google Earth is available from many sites on the internet but we advise you to only download it from the Google site.  Downloads from other sites may also install unwanted software and cause browser problems. The town assumes no liability for the effect of this software or these files on your computer, nor can it provide technical assistance therewith.


2017-2018 Google Earth Tax Parcel Map 

Google Earth Long Island Two-foot Contour Map

Google Earth Long Island Shoreland Zone Boundaries

Google Earth Preliminary FEMA LI Floodplain Map with Elevation Contours

Google Maps

The following maps do not require you to have Google Earth installed on your computer, your browser will display them.

2015-2016 Google Maps Tax Parcel Map by Lot Number (Note: 2016-2017 map is being created and will be posted here soon.)

General Note Regarding Parcel Maps

Owner names shown on parcel maps may not reflect ownership changes that may have occurred after the map was created.  Refer to the tax database spreadsheets above for the current owner as these spreadsheets are updated throughout the tax year.

The data provided in the tax map are for planning purposes only.  Although considerable time and grant-money has gone into making them as accurate as possible, some inaccuracies undoubtedly remain.  They were created from the paper maps tax maps that the town inherited from the City of Portland after secession.  Those paper maps were imperfect to begin with and degraded further over time.  The town believes that these data are accurate enough for planning and taxation; however, like any tax map, they represent only an estimate of the location of lot boundaries and the size and shape of lots.  Only a professional survey can determine the exact boundaries and size of your property.

That said, if you believe that the maps provided here contain errors that would render town planning and taxation work inaccurate, the town may, after consideration, adjust the data to produce are more accurate depiction of your lot characteristics.  If you wish to submit changes, please consult with our GIS assistant.  Call Town Hall to set up an appointment.

PDF Copies of Printed Maps

You must have a PDF viewer installed on you computer to view these maps.  Many browsers now have a PDF viewer already installed.  If you need to install a PDF viewer on your computer we recommend Adobe Reader which is available here:  Adobe Reader Download . NOTE: This is the official Adobe download site but if you download from this link uncheck the optional McAfee software intallation box.

Printed copies of these maps are available in Town Hall.

Preliminary FEMA Long Island Floodplain Maps NEW 11/8/2013

Zoning and Tax Maps

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