Town of Long Island Job Postings

Community Center Facility Coordinator

Nature of Work:

This is responsible administrative and financial work in the maintaining of the Facility rentals and collection of various fees associated with the use of the Town Community Center. This position will assist residents and non-residents with the requests and completion of rental use of the Community Center for both community and private functions. The position will give priority use to the Recreation Department, Pottery Studio, Community Activities and Historical Society as required. Work is performed with considerable independence. Position reports to the Board of Selectmen through the Town Administrator. This position will work with the Board to create strategies to maximize the use and income of the facility.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Maintain Schedule/Calendar of activities at the Community Center.
  • Maintain flow of scheduling information to the Town Clerk and IT Coordinator for posting or publishing on a regular basis.
  • Provide applications to applicants and work with them to ensure accurate completion. Assist users with any required permits for alcohol use or extra security requirements.
  • Collect deposits and fees per the town approved schedule, maintain financial records, and transfer the collected funds to the Town Treasurer.
  • Ensure that all users are made aware of opening, closing and safe operation of the Facility.
  • Coordinate with the VFW Scheduling Staff to maximize use and income from both facilities.
  • Scheduling the hours of cleaning for the CC custodian for regular and special projects.
  • Coordinating with and scheduling with the Town Facility Manager for routine and irregular maintenance projects.
  • Track usage and order propane as needed for the facility.
  • Prepare monthly reports to the Town Administrator of usage and fees collected, and expenditures of supplies or repair items.

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