Boards & Committees

With the exception of members of the selectboard, who receive a small annual stipend, we rely on volunteers to staff the numerous boards and committees needed to run the town.   It typically requires 40+ volunteers to staff the standing town boards and committees.  This number represents over 15% of our year round population.  The good thing is that you do not have to be a resident of the town to serve on a board or committee.  In some cases you do, however, need to be a resident of the State of Maine.  

It can be a an interesting and rewarding experience to serve on a town board or committee and we encourage anyone who cares about our town to consider it.


Town Board and Committee openings are always listed in the What’s New section at the right of this page.  If there are no listed openings on the Board or Committee you are interested in you can contact the Town Clerk (see next paragraph) and ask to be put on a list.

Openings will be filled as needed.  Forward letters of intent to: Town of Long Island, Town Clerk – Board/Committee Openings PO Box 263, Long Island, ME 04050.  If emailing: To ensure letter is recorded as received, email should be sent to:

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